Fans of the program Cifras y Letras, one of the most notable in the history of the Spanish small screen, are in luck. Tonight, one of the two current contestants will emerge victorious and win the coveted jackpot for the first time.

Starting at 9:30 p.m., the applicants will make an effort and try to give the best version of themselves to win the final prize, which accumulates 111,000 euros. To receive the victory from the presenter, Aitor Albizu, and the experts, Elena Herraiz and David Calle, one of the contestants will have to complete the ‘Grand Final’ test in its entirety.

In this last test, one of the candidates for victory must solve the panel and get 12 words in just three minutes, a challenge available to very few people in our country due to its difficulty and the skill and mental speed it requires. On this occasion, the two duelists are Miguel Borrego (who has five unbeaten programs) and Carles Ferrando.

Whoever manages to win will go down in the history of our country’s small screen. It will be the first time that a person wins the show’s prize in Spain after 27 seasons and a nine-year television break. The competition can be followed on La 2 de TelevisiĆ³n EspaƱola or on the website (RTVE Play).

RTVE is trying with all its might to become a competitive force. On January 15, after months of doubts and negotiations, the public entity premiered a new, renewed version of Cifras y Letras, a risky bet considering that it is broadcast on its second channel and that it is located in prime time access. , a very difficult time slot in which it competes against large formats (El Hormiguero, First Dates, El Intermedio, etc.).

To the surprise of the network’s directors and the program’s producers, it has turned out to be a success. The audience data for the space is above the channel’s average (an average screen share of 3.3%), but it has surpassed the 4% barrier in different episodes. In addition, in recent weeks it has also generated a great social conversation on social networks (especially on , etc.