The hearts of thousands of people were shrunk this Wednesday after the news broke that Tina Turner, the ‘queen of rock’, had died at the age of 83. The artist, considered one of the greatest of all time, treasured a dozen Grammy Awards during her career, among many other achievements. There are many recognized faces in the music industry who have wanted to pay tribute to her, including artists of the caliber of Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera or Chris Martin. So has Cher, a great friend of the interpreter of The Best, who has also revealed that she visited her hours before her death.

As has been learned in the last few hours, Cher went to Turner’s house in Switzerland the day before the singer’s death, as confirmed by her agent Bernard Doherty to People magazine. The interpreter of Believe has assured that she was with Turner in her house in Zürich, Switzerland, and she explains in a television program that the artist “was very happy”, despite the fact that she was “very sick”.

The truth is that both were great friends, something that the media witnessed on several occasions, since in the past they shared the stage together and also took part in television interviews. “I went to visit her because I thought she needed to spend time on our friendship, so she would know that no one in the world had forgotten about her,” the 77-year-old singer said on The Beat With Ari Melber on MSNBC.

The artist was happy during her telephone intervention in the program for having been able to spend time with Tina before her departure. “A group of friends took turns being with her and that made her happy,” she acknowledged. “She said, ‘I can’t go too long,'” Cher continued. “Five hours later, we were laughing like crazy… She was having fun despite the fact that she was very sick and she didn’t want people to know,” the “If I Could Turn Back Time” singer revealed.

Although the cause of Turner’s death is unknown, Cher also referred in the interview to the fact that “he had his dialysis machine at home”, but stressed that he always remained “very strong” and “fought against this disease for a long time. In addition, she Cher revealed the heartbreaking words that Tina said to her during her illness. “She told me once, ‘I’m really ready. I just don’t want to take this anymore,'” Cher reveals now.

The truth is that the interpreter of Proud Mary had a long history of health problems. In 1978, she was diagnosed with hypertension. Subsequently, she also suffered a stroke, and after a while she was diagnosed with intestinal cancer. Erwin Bach, her husband, donated his own kidney to his wife in April 2017 due to kidney disease, and despite the operation going well, Turner experienced mild symptoms including nausea and dizziness, according to an interview with European Kidney Health. Alliance.

Cher told MSNBC that Turner “was a great force. Honestly, I don’t think she was willing to stop. She may not have won every battle, but she fought every war. She was out there fighting for everything she believed in.” “. Tina was very supportive of Cher, and also a great example. “She gave me a lot of strength”, she sentenced her.