Sálvame has become Shhh. The well-known program that Jorge Javier Vázquez presented on Telecinco from 2009 to 2023 premiered its first edition this past Wednesday through Canal Quickie and its platforms on YouTube and Twitch. The success was resounding, and it became the most watched live show of the day in both spaces, recovering a classic formula loaded with darts to the competition.

The references, direct or indirect, to Mediaset were present from the first minute, including a successful challenge for which they started today, Thursday, at the doors of Fuencarral. Several collaborators gave messages contrary to the private television group, a dynamic that has been repeated today with the return of Chelo García-Cortés. The former member of Save Who Can on Netflix also charged against the replacement of his show, Ana Rosa Quintana.

“I am very into documentary series. Perhaps what I have seen the least has been Telecinco in the afternoon. But for example, I have continued watching Joaquín Prat because I like him a lot. I can safely say that the television that is available at the moment bores me,” expressed the former Telecinco collaborator, who referred to the area in which Ana Rosa is located but praised other colleagues on the network.

“The only thing I have continued watching is ‘Survivors’, because it brings back a lot of memories for me. It’s a great contest. There comes a time when my life is many more things. “I haven’t been watching TV, I’ve been catching up on all this crazy stuff we’re going to do,” he added, insisting that his time in recent weeks and months has been linked to preparing separate projects with the other members of the studio. .

Chelo has not been the only one to target Quintana. During the premiere program, Kiko Hernández called live and dropped a message addressed to the veteran presenter. During her conversation, in which she touched on several current issues of the heart, she dropped a subtle barb. “At the rate your followers are going, you have very little left to beat the other,” she said sardonically, generating a brief and small confusion among her colleagues in Miami.

“What else?” María Patiño asked without being completely clear. “A ARRRR,” Hernández replied, in clear allusion to the name of the presenter and her program, an acronym that has always been associated with the communicator. “No, no, now, Kiko, there is room for everyone,” said Patiño, who soon ended the connection.