Inspiration can come from unexpected places, as seen in the recent episode of The Boys that left viewers emotionally charged. The show’s creator, Eric Kripke, shared in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that a major revelation in the episode involving Starlight was influenced by two key factors.

One of the influences was the real-time overturning of Roe v. Wade, a significant event that was on everyone’s mind during the writing process. The other inspiration came from a Saturday Night Live sketch featuring Cecily Strong as Goober the Clown. In the sketch, Strong used humor to address the serious topic of abortion, making it more digestible for the audience.

Kripke expressed how the SNL sketch deeply affected him and the show’s writers. This impact was evident in the latest episode of The Boys, where Firecracker revealed Starlight’s past abortion to the public, leading to a violent confrontation between the two characters. The episode highlighted the invasion of privacy and the emotional toll of having such a personal experience broadcasted without consent.

Starlight’s character, portrayed by Erin Moriarty, grapples with the aftermath of the revelation, feeling exposed and vulnerable to public judgment. Kripke emphasized the importance of normalizing the conversation around abortion, showcasing how common it is for women to go through such experiences. By portraying Starlight’s journey in a realistic and thoughtful manner, the show aimed to shed light on the challenges women face in dealing with this issue.

Through conversations with women who shared their personal stories, the writers of The Boys aimed to present a nuanced perspective on abortion. By depicting the experience as a difficult but ultimately survivable moment in a woman’s life, the show sought to challenge the stigma and silence surrounding the topic.

The decision to address such a sensitive subject in a genre show like The Boys was a deliberate choice to bring a different perspective to the screen. By portraying abortion as a challenging yet common experience that women navigate in their lives, the show creators hoped to offer a more authentic and relatable portrayal of this issue.

As The Boys continues to explore complex and provocative themes, viewers can expect more thought-provoking storylines that push boundaries and spark important conversations. The show airs on Prime Video, inviting audiences to engage with its bold and impactful storytelling.