Carme Chaparro can boast of having one of the most solid professional careers in our country. The journalist and writer, 51, has been successful for years, but she has also been very vocal about the work it has taken to get there; especially, in terms of combating her vulnerability and her insecurities.

The journalist revealed a few months ago that she had been a victim of bullying, and confessed that it was the books that freed her from that pain. A torment that the writer of Punishment is not too sure that she would have been able to deal with today, in the age of social networks.

The Informativos presenter presents her new novel, set in the hidden world of television. One of her stories also refers precisely to bullying, a story that touches her very closely. “They called me chubby, the pig, Peggy… Now I realize what I carry, but at that time I didn’t even tell it,” she says, speaking to Semana.

Chaparro reveals that, luckily, he had a group of “four or five geeks” who supported each other. “You knew that others were going to the club and they didn’t invite you,” he laments. “I don’t know if I would have survived what happened to me if I were born now, with this overexposure in which you are excluded from WhatsApp groups and you are at home knowing that they are making fun of you.”

“What happened to me has given me a different perspective on life, a different resilience, because you suffer a lot, but a new person emerges,” she says, although she is still trying to assimilate what she experienced as a child, because it is something that generates consequences for a lifetime. Chaparro, for example, suffers from an anxiety disorder. “You can’t like everyone and it’s hard to accept it, but I think I’m on the right track.”

The journalist already spoke about this sad episode in her life two months ago, when she collaborated in the ColaCao Educando campaign against bullying. The journalist assured, among other things, that she does not know if she “would be alive” if she had suffered what she suffered then today, in the era of social networks.

“Bullying generates anxiety and a brutal wave of destruction in our children. In fact, suicide is the leading cause of death in adolescents and young people in Spain,” she said, asking for an immediate solution.

With her daughters, the journalist has put measures in place since they were very little to prevent them from becoming bullies and from feeling empathy with their peers. “I apologize to my daughters. Because it is necessary for them to know that you have realized that you have made a mistake.”