The most romantic dating show on the small screen, First Dates, welcomed on Tuesday night a new batch of diners ready to meet someone interesting with whom to start a beautiful love story. And although the spectators of the space are more than used to seeing all kinds of dates without a happy ending, crushes also happen within the four walls of the premises.

Sonny was one of the first diners to enter the restaurant of love. The 31-year-old Valencian was a boxer in his youth, but when he became a father he had to put his profession aside. ”Now I am a boxing teacher, I teach what I know,” he explained. He wanted to meet a smiling, pleasant and humble person.

Suddenly, Cristina, one of the restaurant’s twins, was very clear with her intentions: ”He’s describing me.” ”He liked you,” the presenter said. ”The boy is very cute,” Cristina replied. Her date was Andrea, a 31-year-old single woman who got an unexpected surprise when she walked through the doors of First Dates. ”They want to steal your boy. My two twins liked him and they want to take him,’ Sobera warned him.

Despite these unexpected words, the single woman had a great impression upon meeting Sonny. ”What a handsome boy, how lucky I have been,” she commented. ”I was very impressed by his look,” declared the bachelor. After exchanging their first words and discovering that they both had their paternal instinct in common, the presenter accompanied the couple to their table, where they began talking about their passion for sports.

”I like that he is an athletic person with a healthy life because that way it helps me get more into the field of sports,” she commented. In addition, the single woman claimed that she loved children. ”I was with a boy who had a daughter and I still love that girl very much,” she said.

Although the two had connected in every way, Sonny had an ace up his sleeve. ”If things go badly with Andrea, I have the appointment already booked with Cristina,” he confessed. ”If they say no…” he left the twin in the air. ”If it seems good to you, let’s first attend the appointment, let’s not go too far, let’s respect our work,” stated Carlos Sobera.

At one point during the evening, the singles opened up about their love history. Andrea said that she had not had much luck in love because she gave herself too much. ”Despite the bad decisions she has had in love, she has moved forward,” said the bachelor. For his part, Sonny was a person who believed in love for life, but due to life circumstances, his story with the mother of his son did not go well. ”Now I’m here getting to know you, I hope it turns out well,” he asserted.

In the final stretch, the singles moved to the program’s booth, where they demonstrated that their complicity could be the beginning of a beautiful love story. ”I think we would make a good couple,” Andrea assured. Therefore, in the final decision, both confessed their desire to continue getting to know each other and left the program happy and hand in hand.