Antonio Tejado has been provisionally released for five days. María del Monte’s nephew left prison last Monday, May 20, after the judge granted him freedom without bail and after remaining in prison for more than 90 days for his alleged involvement in the violent robbery suffered by his own aunt in her house in Seville last August. 

The former television collaborator and the rest of those investigated, among whom is ‘El Ruso, must comply with a series of precautionary measures: the withdrawal of the passport, the obligation to appear in court on the 7th and 21st of each month and an order of removal of the victims, María del Monte and Inmaculada Casal.

Although the artist’s nephew has not made any type of statement during these first five days of freedom, the situation took a radical turn today, Friday, May 24, when Antonio Tejado’s first statement came to light after his release from prison. . 

The former Big Brother contestant sent said letter through his lawyer, Fernando Fernández Velo, in which he wanted to point out his “discomfort” and that of his family. Tejado assures that since his release “the media pressure had increased, which makes it impossible for them to carry out their daily lives.” For this reason, he asks the different media to show “maximum respect for his privacy.” 

And María del Monte’s nephew affirms in said statement that during these days many media outlets have exercised the right to information with ”unethical ways and methods for him”, since they ”represent an attack against the freedom and privacy not only of Mr. Antonio Tejado García, but also against the freedom and privacy of his family, among whom are anonymous people who have always remained outside the media.” 

Finally, they affirm in the statement that “as long as the judicial procedure continues, they will not make any statement to the press,” which is why they ask for an “immediate cessation of the harassment to which they are subjected, with express warning of the reserve to be exercised.” “whatever legal actions assist them in law to protect their honor, privacy and integrity.”