Ana Obregón has shown during this last year that she has managed to regain her smile thanks to little Ana Sandra. The arrival into the world of her granddaughter-daughter has been a breath of fresh air for the presenter, who was not able to recover after the death of her son Aless Lequio.

“Your first word was: DAD,” the actress published on her Instagram account along with a video in which she appears with the girl looking at an album of family photographs. And although she is much happier, it is not surprising that today, May 13, she wanted to remember the death of her first-born four years ago.

“MAY 13, 2020. The day the light of the world went out. The day I died with you.

“Parents should never bury a child… much encouragement, Ana,” responded one of her followers. Some loving comments that have occurred throughout the hours that the video has been published. “Master,” said Anne Igartiburu.

The son of the actress and Count Lequio died four years ago after a long fight against Ewing’s sarcoma, against which they had to fight until the last moment. So much so, that both the deceased and his mother moved to the United States, to the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, to be hospitalized to save his life.

“We lived in the hospital with my son for almost five months. “Alessandro has given Aless all the love he needed as a father, but he did not help me financially,” Obregón stated in his last interview for the program ¡De Viernes!.

And it is exactly Alessandro Lequio who has not hesitated to publish a tender image in which he appears with Aless when he was just a baby. “

A publication that has received a comment from Ana herself, who has not hesitated to send an emoticon with a sad face. “This is love and respect for your son and being a gentleman, carrying your mourning with pain in silence. Admirable,” added an Instagram user, giving her support to the television collaborator.