Today, May 13, four years ago Aless Lequio died from Ewing sarcoma. A hard and long illness against which he tried to fight until the last moment. And in this battle against cancer he had the invaluable help of his mother and his father at all times. Something that both have made clear on several occasions.

Alessandro Lequio has always been characterized by not wanting to enter into confrontation on issues related to his son, nor wanting to talk more than he should. A decision that means that whenever the name of his first-born child is mentioned, she remains completely out of it. Now, he wanted to remember it on his Instagram account.

Count Lequio has published a tender image in which he appears hugging his son when he was just a baby. A photograph that he wanted to share with his followers just on the fourth anniversary of Aless Lequio’s death. “

In this same publication, Ana Obregón did not hesitate to comment by sending a sad face emoticon. But it is not the only message that the collaborator has received. And there have been many who have wanted to send encouragement and signs of affection to Aless’s father.

“That is love and respect for your son and being a gentleman, carrying your mourning with pain in silence. Admirable,” said one of his followers. “What a beautiful photo and how much love, and how much respect on your part for his absence. A big kiss,” added another user of this social network.

And it is Ana Obregón herself who has not hesitated to publish her particular tribute to her son. “MAY 13, 2020. The day the light of the world went out. The day I died with you.

A video that has received more than 1,500 comments in a few hours. Among them, Anne Igartiburu wanted to send her support: “Master”. To her followers of the actress, who have not hesitated to send her messages of support. “Dear Ana, but you have returned to live and be happy with your granddaughter, her daughter,” said one of her fans.

“Parents should never bury a child… good luck, Ana”, “It becomes unbearable to live between two worlds. There is nothing that calms the pain that breaks us inside, not even time” or “It can be seen that you gave everything for him”, were some of these comments.