Ana María Aladón returned to Survivors last Thursday as a ghost from the past. She did not do it alone, because Alexia Rivas also accompanied her. Her return to reality was not without controversy, since her personal object that she decided to take with her generated a small discussion with Rivas. The designer brought some diving goggles so she could fish, something she really wanted to do.

When the other ghost from the past asked her if she would lend the glasses to the other colleagues, Ortega Cano’s ex-wife replied in the negative, claiming that it was her personal object, and that led to a confrontation between the two. But that wasn’t Aladdon’s highlight moment. During the reward game, the designer fainted and the producer decided to stop the game and the live connection.

Both Aladón and Rivas, despite being ghosts from the past, are in the same conditions as the contestants for the duration of their visit. So the designer gave herself 100% in this bounty game.

The game required great physical effort, and when the test was played in full sun, Aladón fainted in the sand and could no longer participate in the activity. The program team was concerned about the health of Ortega Cano’s ex-wife and decided to stop the test and the live connection. So Laura Madrueño communicated that they were going to publicity. Meanwhile, the medical team treated the designer.

When they returned the connection to Honduras, Aladón rejoined the game because he wanted to win the game; which would mean he could eat something. However, he was not as lucky as Rivas, who did enjoy the reward, unlike her, who was left without a bite of the prize.