Ricardo Nicolás Natalicchio ‘Ricky’, Sofía Suescun’s ex-boyfriend and controversial contestant on ‘Big Brother 16’, has returned to the small screen after several years of absence. His reappearance has been on the dating show ‘Naked Attraction’, broadcast by Max and presented by Marta Flich. In this format, participants search for love in an unconventional way: starting naked and gradually getting to know each other until finally seeing each other’s faces.

The ‘Naked Attraction’ program stands out for a unique dynamic: Ricky had to choose between six suitors, completely naked, who were behind a panel that rose progressively from bottom to top. This gradual revelation allowed Ricky to rule out the candidates one by one, based solely on their private parts.

Upon reaching the final two, Ricky disappeared from the set briefly and returned completely naked, thus deciding who he would give a date to. Finally, the experience culminated with a romantic date between Ricky and the chosen suitor, both already dressed and in a more traditional setting.

The program, adapted from an English format, is presented as a Max Original that seeks to eliminate taboos and promote a natural and respectful perspective on the human body. Marta Flich, the presenter, emphasized during the presentation of the program: “It is healthy and taboos are removed from the equation, everything is lived naturally and with a lot of respect.”

Ricky, of Canarian-Argentine origin, gained notoriety in ‘Big Brother 16’, where he entered as a reserve in gala 7. During his stay in the house, he had a brief but intense relationship with Sofía Suescun. However, Ricky does not have good memories of that relationship, stating in ‘The Ana Rosa Program’ that Sofía “uses you until she exploits you” and highlighting his preference for the world of cell phones, soccer players and well-known people.

With his participation in ‘Naked Attraction’, Ricky has once again captured the public’s attention, showing a brave and uninhibited side. His experience on the show has not only reignited his presence on television, but has also offered viewers a different and controversial look at dating and human relationships.