Today is a very special day for television presenter Alfonso Arús. The Catalan communicator turns 63 in his program Aruser@s surrounded by a group of collaborators who love and respect him, something that makes him feel happy and calm.

The broadcast of the La Sexta entertainment space has begun like any other day. Arús has presented his team and has given way to the first news about the rains that occupy a large part of the Iberian Peninsula. Marc Redondo has explained that there are still a few days of storms in some parts of our geography, but he has expressed to the audience that we will spend an “almost summer” weekend and that little by little we will have warmer temperatures and more sun .

After the meteorologist’s intervention, Angie Cárdenas asked a question on the air that has baffled viewers: ”So, tomorrow is there a steak?”. At that moment, everyone started chanting “steak, steak”, excited. It is understood that the group would have talked about a possible business lunch, so, after finding out that the weather was going to be better, Cárdenas wanted to make sure.

At that moment, the presenter wanted to give context (without much success) and explained the reason why they will not eat steak that same day: ”You may wonder, why tomorrow? Well, because today there is birthday party (his) and so on, it seems not, but the team has breakfast twice. Have breakfast on Wednesday and have breakfast on Thursday.”

Once he explained that he is celebrating a special day in his life, the panel of collaborators began to say “congratulations” without stopping and the technical team added confetti and mariachi music to the television scene.

Far from wanting to attract attention and attract the attention of his teammates and the general public, the Catalan appeared nervous (and somewhat uncomfortable) and wanted to quickly change the subject to continue with the program’s rundown.

Few communicators in our country can boast of having a journalistic career like that of Alfonso Arús. Javier Cárdenas’ brother-in-law has worked very hard throughout his life to occupy certain spaces on radio and television, which has made him become a reference for new generations of journalists.

His peculiar sense of humor and his way of addressing the audience have earned him different recognitions, including an Ondas award and an Antena de Oro for his work in different programs such as Arús con leche or Aruser@s.