Tamara Falcó will walk down the aisle with Íñigo Onieva in just seven weeks. The Marquise de Griñón is working very hard preparing for the most special day in her life, but yesterday it was made public that she has suffered a severe setback that she did not expect.

The firm Sophie et Voilà, in charge of making her wedding dress, decided to break the relationship with Isabel Preysler’s daughter due to a “contractual breach”, according to the Vanitatis medium. Shortly after, the company released a statement explaining that Falcó had a design from another brand in mind and that they could not “cross certain limits that would jeopardize the original authorship of the design.”

As explained in The Ana Rosa Program, the businesswoman wanted to make a “copy” of a French design that is on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, something that the designers could not allow.

Faced with such accusations, Tamara Falcó made it clear that she “would never ask for plagiarism” and that the firm had left her “composed and without a dress.” From that moment on, dozens of brands and companies applied to carry out this commission, since it is one of the most mediatic weddings in recent years.

One of the public figures who has not been afraid to give his opinion openly and has positioned himself in favor of the bridal gown brand is Alessandro Lequio, who has stated in The Ana Rosa Program that Falcó has a very strong personality: ” Tamara is not the goofy we all know on camera.”

Count Lequio believes that the Marquise de Griñón is not the victim in this matter and that she was the one who “has left the firm lying around”. For her part, another of the collaborators of the Telecinco program, Leticia Requejo, has confirmed on television that it was the future bride who took the first step that led to the end of the agreement: “A week ago the Bilbao designers They received an email signed by Tamara Falcó and her team saying that she does not want to or will not wear the two suits that they were designing for her.”

In less than two months Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva will have said ‘I do’ and will officially be husband and wife. Although they began by defending that they would carry out an intimate and simple wedding, they will finally celebrate a grand wedding in the El Rincón palace, a property that Carlos Falcó left as an inheritance to the Marquise de Griñón.

A few weeks before the big day, the protagonist has been forced to start from scratch as far as the dress is concerned, but she is determined to enjoy the process and takes the challenge optimistically.