During these last few months, Carlo Costanzia and Alessandro Lequio have starred in a tense television confrontation of which we had only heard the version of the Vamos a Ver collaborator. And Ana Obregón’s ex did not hesitate to attack Mar Flores’ son for his You continue controversies and your problems with justice.

”The best families have a black sheep… but when a family is a whole flock of black sheep, something is wrong,” Lequio expressed on his social networks. Furthermore, the Italian even threw several darts on the Telecinco program: ”I would tell my daughter: the further away from this man, the better (…) Poor Terelu, what she must be suffering.”

After all these statements, Mar Flores’ son sat on the set of ¡De friday! to speak with complete sincerity about his controversies and to respond bluntly to Alessandro Lequio’s accusations. ”It would be nice if we got used to giving people second chances. There is a person that I have very little tolerance for, Lequio. “He is a person who already is a person who does not know how to speak on a set and the only thing he does is scream, it is a little difficult to have a conversation with him,” he said.

Of course, Carlo Costanzia confessed that he would love to have a conversation with him if he “knew how to maintain a calm tone.” ”What I would say to Lequio is that I find it curious that a person who has dedicated his entire life to selling to people and that if he has not had legal cases it is because many people have not wanted to report him, but he could have them and I speak knowing a few things, at the time he was talking about my mother whom he sold and criticized,” he noted.

Furthermore, the actor made reference during the interview to Lequio’s controversial words on his social networks: ”He talks about black sheep. Why is it bad to be a black sheep? Is it bad to be different?”

This Monday, May 13, the Telecinco collaborator responded bluntly and with irony to the words of Carlo Costanzia. ”Everyone has the right to tell the story of Little Red Riding Hood,” he began by saying. ”Emphatic? Nor is he discovering the sources of the Nile, I am emphatic but I also say things, I believe and that’s it, there is not much more to say,’ he declared.

Regarding the meeting proposed by Mar Flores’ son, Alessandro Lequio said the following: ”I would have a meeting with everyone, with cameras, without cameras. I have no problem. Every criminal has the right to tell the judge the story of Little Red Riding Hood,” he declared.