A Summer full of Pride – Dallas Voice

As our city gears up for a weekend of Dallas Pride festivities, the LGBTQ community across the continent is preparing for a summer full of Pride celebrations. From Bend, Oregon to New Orleans, from Seattle to New York City, Pride events are taking place in various cities, each offering a unique experience for attendees.

June Pride Events

**Bend Pride** kicks off the month on June 1 in Bend, Oregon, offering a smaller-scale event in a picturesque setting. Meanwhile, **Aloha Maui Pride** invites visitors to the beautiful island of Maui from June 1-9 for a week of celebrations. **New Orleans Pride** from June 7-9 promises a vibrant experience in one of the South’s gayest cities.

**LA Pride** is a highlight on June 8-22, featuring Icon Grand Marshal George Takei and a flamboyant parade down Hollywood Boulevard. In **Guadalajara Pride** on June 15, visitors can experience the LGBTQ mecca of Mexico. **Northwest Arkansas Pride** on June 28-30 offers a road trip destination for a weekend of festivities.

July Pride Events

**SD Pride** in San Diego from July 13-21 welcomes over 300,000 attendees for a week of celebrations.

August Pride Events

**Fierté Montréal Festival** from Aug. 1-11 provides a European vibe in a North American setting, attracting nearly half a million participants.

September Pride Events

**Curaçao Pride** from Sept. 27-Oct. 6 offers a unique experience on the island, with clear turquoise waters and a rainbow-colored Willemstad.

As the summer unfolds, the LGBTQ community has a plethora of Pride events to choose from across the continent. Whether it’s a quick getaway to Bend or a vibrant celebration in New York City, Pride events offer a sense of community, love, and acceptance for all who attend. Get ready to hit the road (or the skies) for a summer full of Pride!