New installment of the most romantic program on television, First Dates. On Friday night, Carlos Sobera and Laura Boado welcomed a new batch of singles who showed up at Cuatro’s space with the hope of meeting someone interesting with whom they could start a beautiful love story. However, not all diners who cross the restaurant’s doors manage to leave in company.

One of the dates of the night was the one starring Rosa and Fernando. The 64-year-old Cantabrian single woman arrived at the restaurant confessing to being a modern person and passionate about technology. Her love life had been a disaster because all the men she had been with had been unfaithful. She wanted to meet an honest, humble, faithful man and, above all, with hair.

His date was Fernando, a 62-year-old Cantabrian, fond of mountains, hiking and martial arts. The first impression between the two was very different. Fernando was delighted with Rosa, but the single woman was clear from minute one that the bachelor was not the man of her life because he did not meet his requirements. ”He has four marked hairs…the jacket must have been lent to him, I think the shirt too, and the pants on the bottom with the socks that looked like they were wearing the ”flabby ones”…I say oh my mother” , she declared.

After discovering their places of residence, the presenter accompanied the couple to the table, where they began the evening talking about their ages. Fernando was a few years younger than Rosa and the single woman guessed the bachelor’s age correctly. ”I like younger men, 8 or 9 years old, because they take better care of themselves,” she asserted.

Moments later, the bachelor confessed to being a more traditional man, far from new technologies. A confession that did not particularly excite the single woman. ”He is not up to date, but at all, I don’t see it for me,” she commented.

At one point during the evening, the singles shared their hobbies. Rosa revealed that dancing was one of her great passions and Fernando commented the same. ”He doesn’t look like he’s ever danced or knows how to dance,” she said. In addition, the single woman explained that she needed a person to keep up with her because she could dance until 3 in the morning. ”He can’t last until those hours,” she stressed.

In the final stretch of the evening, the singles moved to the program booth, where they had the opportunity to demonstrate their dancing skills. After enjoying a date with completely opposite perceptions, Fernando confessed his desire to continue getting to know the single woman, but Rosa rejected him because she had not felt chemistry.