Quique Jiménez, better known as Torito, is one of the most popular faces on television. Currently, the Mallorcan collaborates daily on La Sexta’s afternoon program presented by Dani Mateo, Zapeando. But even though the collaborator is going through a great professional time, Torito has been in the news in recent hours due to an unpleasant situation that he experienced in the heart of Madrid. 

Torito was walking calmly through the center of Madrid when he suddenly passed in front of a place on Prim Street. There, a group of people, who were drinking beers inside, began to shout homophobic insults at him through the glass. 

”I lowered my head and continued forward trying to make light of the matter, when they saw themselves ignored they decided to have one of them leave the premises to shout at my back in a very aggressive manner while I was walking: ”red, faggot, red, faggot ” for more than 10 seconds repeatedly. “It was very unpleasant,” the collaborator expressed through his Instagram profile. 

Moments after the incident, the journalist decided to enter the aforementioned premises to confront his verbal attackers, who turned out to be a group of soldiers. “What’s happening? Who calls me a faggot? Red, faggot. Who was calling me from here? That he came out screaming red and faggot, eh? Who was he? Let the brave one come out now,” said the collaborator, as can be seen in the video that he published on his Instagram profile.

Given the refusal to talk about those allegedly involved, Torito added the following: ”Here you have them. How quiet. How brave when one’s back is turned. How easy to call a faggot when people’s back is turned.” 

Finally, the presenter also wanted to send a very direct message to all his followers denouncing this type of homophobic situations: ”If this happened to my son, would I continue walking? Things like that should not be tolerated and I decided to enter the premises. I am lucky that this happened in an area of ​​Madrid that is closely monitored by cameras, the same premises have a camera on the door, this will help me to also be able to report the case officially. Do not normalize insults, they are also attacks.