One of the latest great hits on French television, Mademoiselle Holmes, arrives this Thursday the 16th at 10 p.m. on the Cosmo channel. Its premiere on the TF1 network on April 11 was seen by more than five million viewers with a screen share of 26.2%, becoming the most watched of the day on French television. Given its enormous success, the series, which consists of six episodes, has already been renewed for a second season.

As can be deduced from the title, it is a female and contemporary version of the famous Sherlock Holmes created by Arthur Conan Doyle in 1887. The protagonist is the great-granddaughter of the detective, Charlie Holmes, who is played by Lola Dewaere, famous French actress known for his work on the Bright Minds series.

Charlie Holmes is a shy and discreet 36-year-old police officer who lives with her grandfather in Nantes and is stuck behind her desk managing complaints and claims from the police station. Nothing in her personality seems to indicate that she is the great-granddaughter of Sherlock Holmes, but after suffering an accident her detective abilities come to light. Suddenly, the introverted and boring Charlie shows extraordinary intelligence and empathy that transform her into an infallible and unpredictable investigator.

During her convalescence, Charlie is forced to stop the medication she has been taking for years to control her nerves and, freed from this treatment, the police realize that she sees everything around her much more clearly.

Charlie will rely on her new partner Samy (Tom Villa), a graduate in forensic medicine and a fan of Sherlock Holmes stories who immediately sees her full potential. Samy will become her Dr. Watson and will be a very supportive figure both professionally and personally.

Filmed in Nantes and London, the six episodes of the first season of the series will be broadcast on Thursdays on Cosmo and will be available on demand on the main pay television operators. Among the mysteries that the protagonist must solve in this first installment of the fiction is a kidnapping in a yoga center, the disappearance of a famous influencer or an attempted murder of which Charlie is the only suspect.

The press has praised the series, which has defined it as “a light-hearted police comedy with an original synopsis” (Téléstar), “a real surprise that shows that detective fiction can still reinvent itself, even using a world-known myth” (Télé Loisirs ) and as “an entertainment series undoubtedly destined to last” (Le Point).