The murder of Heidi Paz Bulnes in 2018 at the hands of César Román, better known as El Rey del Cachopo, has returned to the center of the media focus after the Netflix premiere of the docuseries, which narrates the event in great detail and sheds light on some of the unknowns surrounding the crime and the dismemberment of the hotelier’s former partner.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Sonsoles Ónega program exclusively showed the letters that César Román had written in his own handwriting from the prison where he was serving his sentence to confess to the murder of his then partner. ”I offer my apologies to this family and to give all the explanations,” Román wrote.

”I have reiterated to the Provincial Court my firm and irrevocable decision to conclude the judicial process and not to appeal the sentence before European organizations, since my wish is that Heidi’s family can achieve the peace they deserve (…) “It is totally uncertain that he has requested any prison benefits in exchange for this statement,” he stated in the letter.

In addition, the Antena 3 space exclusively interviewed Manuel Díaz, former friend and press chief of César Román. ”I wouldn’t really believe anything about César Román, not even his guilty plea,” he began by saying. And according to Manuel Díaz, the personality of the King of Cachopo was very erratic. ”He lives in a constant lie. He lives a bit between reality and fantasy. This has been demonstrated by the evidence of the crime, as well as his entire previous career, his double life in Malaga, his double life here in Madrid too,’ he said.

The interviewee assured that César Román always measured his words a lot and that he gave a version based on what he wanted to obtain. ”These letters respond to a new desire for recognition, rather than to repair the damage. Nor should we forget that they can open the doors to a reduced sentence,’ he asserted.

”He is a very complex character about whom it is very difficult to believe the good things as well as the bad things,” he insisted. Likewise, César Román’s former friend put on the table the number of unknowns that still had no answers about the murder, such as the motive for the crime, the way in which he dismembered the body or the place where he hid the rest of the body. Heidi. Questions that only César Román has the answer to. ”He will say what he wants to say. His ego leads him to be recognized, I don’t know if he really wants to repair that damage in the family,’ he said.