Among the accessories for the summer that are completely essential, carrycots stand out. This style of bag has the great virtue of versatility, so they will be a perfect option both to wear on city streets and on the beach. They are comfortable and fit everything, so they will become great allies. In addition, its summer aesthetics and natural fiber materials will be perfect with multiple combinations of summer looks.

When choosing a carrycot for the summer, there will be many models to choose from, which will make it easier to find one that adapts to each person’s needs and tastes. There are simpler and more discreet designs, to striking others, with prints or embroidery that provide the trendy touch needed to shine with any look.

No matter how many models are available on the market, one of the safe bets will always be the classic natural raffia carrycot. An excellent example of this is this design from the Misako brand. Large in size and with a spacious interior to carry all the essentials. Furthermore, it stands out for its robustness and resistance, an all-rounder for the beach or for the urban environment.

If you prefer a more colorful alternative, but still with a simple design, this Mango model will be a highly recommended option. It has a medium size and is made with natural fibers. What gives it a touch of personality are its blue lines. As extra points, it is worth mentioning its zipper closure and its interior lining.

Summer is synonymous with light, colors, joy, and to feel in tune with this season what better way than to opt for a carrycot with a much more striking design. For example, this carrycot with embroidered flowers from the Sézane brand. It is a hand-woven raffia bag, with a cotton lining and closure with leather ties. An accessory that will easily adapt to different situations, from a morning on the beach to a meeting on a terrace for an aperitif. Its design makes it very easy to combine. In addition, you will be able to give a twist to those simpler or basic looks that sometimes also turn out to be the most comfortable. 

However, large carrycots are not for everyone. There are those who prefer a slightly lighter alternative. In that case, it is worth mentioning Zara’s embroidered carrycot, which is smaller in size, with a bow closure, shoulder handle and some very summery embroidery.