Finding a place on the street to park your car is increasingly difficult. This situation is especially aggravated in central and commercial areas, where the demand for parking is high and the supply is limited. Against this backdrop, cities have implemented measures with the creation of regulated parking service zones (SER) to optimize the use of space and guarantee better vehicle rotation.

The first regulated parking zones in Spain were implemented in the 1980s. Barcelona and Madrid took the lead with the creation of blue zones that later spread to other cities and autonomous communities. Subsequently, green areas reserved for local residents were implemented, who can park their vehicles without a time limit for a modest price.

In recent years, the need to regulate parking in urban areas has led to the creation of new parking areas. In addition to seeing the asphalt painted blue or green, we can also find it orange or with alternating blue and white lines as is the case in Madrid.

The capital of Spain is, without a doubt, one of the cities where citizens can find a wide variety of SER zone types. In addition to the aforementioned areas, the Madrid City Council has also established a parking area around the La Paz public hospital whose spaces are delimited by lines that alternate red and white.

They correspond to an area of ​​Differentiated Hospital Area (ADHOS), specifically in a section of Arzobispo Morcillo street and Pedro Rico street, up to the Virgen de Begoña bridge. According to the Madrid City Council on its website, these places have been created for socio-health reasons in the vicinity of the hospital.

Although these spaces were designed for patients and family members of the hospital to use, it is not necessary to justify the reason why you have parked there. Due to this, the residents of the area can also benefit from some squares that were initially painted orange and blue and that were later changed to white and red to avoid confusion with the areas of the Differentiated Deterrent Area (ADD), which use the orange and blue.

ADHOS spaces can be used by any vehicle that has an environmental label from the DGT, for a maximum of 4 hours. Rates range from 5 cents for 5 minutes to 2.75 euros for four hours.

Madrid has five types of regulated parking spaces. The City Council of the Spanish capital has established blue, green and high rotation zones, and also contemplates two Differentiated Areas, for deterrent use (ADD) and for use for socio-sanitary reasons (ADHOS).

These specific parking areas in Madrid have the following characteristics: