A luxury car not only requires a large financial investment for its acquisition, but also for its maintenance. So much so that companies specialized in the exhaustive cleaning of models such as Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini or Porsche, among others. One of them is the English company Miracle Detail, which under the direction of specialist Paul Dalton, its cleaning services are priced among the most expensive in the world: up to 7,000 euros to wash the bodywork of a high-end vehicle.

One of the reasons this car wash service is so expensive is that Dalton is an ambassador for prestigious car cleaning brands Swissvax or Feynlab. Detergents, cleaners, polishers, waxes, polishes… This detailing company only uses luxury products for its orders! Next, we explain the specificities of this process, which many others have dared to imitate, but whose basis does not vary with respect to that of any other car: the two bucket method, that is, one for the cleaning solution and one for the dirty water.

The first thing Dalton does is rinse the car’s wheels well to remove any remaining dust and dirt. Next, he applies a tire polish that he rubs with a brush on the surface and with a brush between the gaps to reach all the corners. Afterwards, he applies a first rinse on the bodywork with a distance of between 25 and 30 centimeters from areas such as the windshield, headlights or wheels. Once this is done, he cleans the surface with a sponge with a soapy solution, or with a neutral pressure foam.

Wax is an essential ally when removing scratches, as well as tree sage or bird droppings, among other marks. By hand or with a roller, Paul Dalton applies a coat of wax to his clients’ vehicles and allows at least 24 hours to pass before applying the second coat. It can also be applied to moons! His products provide exceptional shine and long-lasting protection to the paint.

The extraordinary results of these cleanings are based on the use of top quality products as a base. The Topaz Detailing company advises avoiding the use of any type of liquid soap for the bodywork and opting for a multipurpose foam. As they explain in a publication while washing a Lamborghini, they use an all-in-one hydrophobic and wax shampoo to remove dirt and water droplets easily and quickly.

Finally, other companies like Ruddicks Detail take the waxing part very seriously. They use a product resistant to scratches and the incidence of ultraviolet rays that offers up to 15 years of warranty. To apply it to the windows and bodywork, their employees have taped this car with masking tape and armed themselves with masks. As you can see, it is a job that requires a lot of patience!