Designed and manufactured in Europe with the markets of the Old Continent in mind, European best seller last year with 200,000 units sold, and No. 1 in the B-SUV category. The Toyota Yaris Cross has an enviable commercial “record”, both in absolute figures and in those relative to our country, where in just over 3 years – it was launched in mid-2021 – it has already accumulated 30,000 units sold and its market share reaches The 9%.

Changing it was, therefore, completely unnecessary. But improving it was feasible and that is what Toyota has done with its 2024 update, focused on enhancing the aspects that customers themselves suggested; that is, providing it with more power, greater soundproofing and insulation to increase acoustic comfort, and improve the digital experience with the latest technological evolutions available.

Based on the TNGA-B platform and with all the DNA of the Yaris on which its architecture is based, the SUV-type Cross variant is noticeably more voluminous and heavier than its urban little brother (it weighs about 1,400 kg), with the resulting greater aerodynamic resistance and greater ground clearance. To “counteract” the driving effects of its larger surface area, the Japanese brand has implemented various “correction” measures.

The first of them is superior performance thanks to the new, more powerful 130 engine, which will be present in all Style, GR Sport and Premiere Edition finishes (except for Active Plus, which maintains the previous 120). This has been achieved by updating the hybrid transaxle on the current 1.5 HEV mechanics, which has a larger and more powerful “MG2” electric motor. This, added to an update in the power control unit, allows an increase in power delivery of 12% and in torque of 30% until reaching 130 HP.

The result is faster acceleration, with half a second less from 0 to 100 km/h, now 10.7 seconds, and 0.4 seconds less when overtaking from 80 to 120 km/h, up to 8.9 seconds. Despite the performance increase, the efficiency records are the same as those of the 116 HP version (120H) with best in class CO2 emissions of 101 to 116 g/km.

The other measures aimed at achieving superior driving pleasure are improvements in insulation that reduce engine, aerodynamic and rolling noise. 

When it comes to combustion engine noise, improvements have focused on four key areas: a dynamic damper has been added to the left engine mount; a resonator has been placed in the intake pipe; The internal dashboard muffler has been changed to a three-layer structure, and an additional layer of felt has been added to the upper hood muffler. 

To combat wind and road noise, thicker glass has been fitted to the windshield, as well as the front and rear windows of all 2024 Yaris Cross models.

Inside, the Toyota Smart Connect evolves and is equipped as standard across the range, with a new multimedia system and a data communications module that offers the possibility of downloading software updates wirelessly. It also now incorporates a new 12.3-inch digital instrument panel (previously 7 inches) configurable with up to 12 design types and an improved 10.5-inch multimedia display, as well as a digital smart key as standard in Premiere Edition and GR Sport Plus.

The Yaris Cross Hybrid 2024 is structured in four finishes: Active Plus (more oriented towards fleets with the previous 120H mechanics, from €26,450); the Style, which will concentrate the bulk of sales, with up to 60% of the mix and a price of €27,450; GR SPORT (€28,450) and Premiere Edition (€31,650).

The GR Sport finish, new to the Yaris Cross Hybrid, is inspired by the competitive sports successes of Toyota Gazoo Racing. With a sportier look, it has 18-inch dark gray wheels, custom sports seats with red stitching and GR and GR Sport badges both on the exterior and interior of the vehicle. In addition, the suspensions have been adjusted a little firmer for a more dynamic ride. There is also a GR Sport Plus pack (€30,150) with which you have access to even more complete equipment, including a 10-inch Head Up Display and an automatic tailgate with hands-free opening, among other things.

For its part, the Premiere Edition is offered with a new and exclusive Urban Khaki paint, in a two-tone execution and with specific 18-inch wheels. Inside, the stitching of the upholstery and the decorative lines of the instrument panel and door panels match the green color of the body.

The Yaris Cross Hybrid 130 range is now available in Spain from a fee of €150 – thanks to having the best residual value in the segment – with Toyota Easy Plus in the Style finish, an offer that includes the Easy Plus package, a financing program that It also includes 4 years of maintenance and 4 years of warranty.

Since February when applications were opened, Toyota has registered 3,000 orders in Spain, which predicts high demand for a model that the brand expects to register an annual volume in our market of more than 15,000 units. Production at the Valenciennes plant began in April and the first units will reach customers during this same month of May.