The belt is one of the passive safety elements that all cars are equipped with. Although the first seat belts date back to the 1940s, it was not until 1959 when the Swedish engineer Nils Bohlin created the system that is still in force today. It is a mechanism to retain the body in the event of an accident that, according to various studies, prevents death in 45% of collisions and significantly reduces the severity of injuries sustained in an impact.

In Spain, the use of seat belts has been mandatory since 1975 for the front seats and since 1992 also for the rear ones, so we are all completely familiar with its use. Every time we get into a car we make a gesture that is part of our routine. It consists of pulling the belt and fitting the buckle into the support next to the seat, so that the strap holds the body with a diagonal band that crosses the chest and another horizontal band that fits over the hips. In this way the user’s body does not move forward in the event of an accident, avoiding the terrible ‘elephant effect’.

It is unusual for the belt to get dirty. Being an element that is inside the vehicle, it is protected from external agents that, for example, can spoil the appearance of the bodywork, the windshield and the other windows of the car, as well as the rims of the tires.

But depending on the use that we give to the car, it may be the case that the seat belt gets dirty and that over time it presents a deplorable appearance. So to restore the appearance of the first day, what we will have to do is wash it.

A quick method to carry out this cleaning operation is the one disclosed by a Tik-Tok user. Through his titoflamen account, the young man shows us how in just a few seconds he is able to clean the driver’s seat belt. To do this, he goes to a car wash and takes advantage of the pressurized water that is applied to the exterior of the vehicle to demonstrate.

First of all, you have to pull the belt out of the car. Once we have done it, we must close the door and proceed to clean the tape. We will apply a grease remover liquid on both sides of the belt and then we will pour the pressurized water that comes out of the hose with which we normally clean the car.

The result is instantaneous, since as the water slides over the fabric of the belt, you can see how the belt recovers its original hue. We can see it in the recording images.

Undoubtedly, this is another effective trick spread through this social network that is characterized by the publication of short videos and that in many cases are related to the world of mobility, as we have already reported on previous occasions. For example, not long ago we explained to you the homemade trick to eliminate the bad smell of the car with a clothespin.