Electromobility is spreading across all transport sectors to turn travel into a sustainable but also pleasant and pleasurable experience. Now, it is the turn of snowmobiles, an essential means of transportation in depending on what mountainous terrain, basically in winter, when snowfall can be intense.

The Nordic countries are experts in this type of vehicle and that is why from Sweden we receive precisely what is considered the “cleanest snowmobile in the world” (according to its creators). The new Alfa is the result of the experience and engineering work of the Swedish manufacturer Vidde with the collaboration of one of the most prestigious vehicle design and development studios on the planet, the Italian coachbuilder Pininfarina.

The result is an extraordinarily attractive motorcycle but also unusually quiet and efficient thanks to its electric motor with 130 kW of power (equivalent to 175 HP) and which can deliver a maximum torque of 295 Nm. With the aim of reducing their carbon emissions to less than 100 g/km, Pininfarina and Vidde have worked to create an environmentally sustainable snowmobile that, beyond being electric, was designed to maximize its useful life.

This was achieved by combating all aesthetic, functional and technical obsolescence from the beginning, and eliminating all superfluous or decorative elements. At the same time, recycled materials have been incorporated into its design to reduce the vehicle’s carbon footprint.

The Alfa offers an elegant, aerodynamic, resistant and timeless design complemented with cold tones such as white or gray, accompanied by orange. The snowmobile includes front and rear lights, as well as a windshield to protect the rider in case of storms. It has an easy and intuitive operation, completely linked to its aesthetics. Another of its strong points is that it can carry up to 270 kg of weight (including the weight of the driver).

The 220 V battery takes approximately 3.5 hours to fully charge to achieve a range of more than 100 kilometers. The engine includes a thermal management system that allows the vehicle to be used even in the coldest weather conditions of up to -35ºC, something really useful for a battery-powered proposal.

The Alfa is not the first fully electric snowmobile to hit the market. The Taiga Nomad is considered the precursor of the segment, but it is less powerful than the Alfa (120 HP) and also has a range of less than 100 km. The charging time is exactly the same, that is, 3.5 hours.

Although the latest test tests are being carried out, orders for the Alfa de Vidde electric snowmobile can now be placed at an initial price of 29,000 euros through the brand’s website. You can enjoy the moving images of this new and silent motorcycle to travel on snowy surfaces in the video that accompanies this article.