There are those who look for the van of their dreams and there are those who create it to suit them. This is the case of an American retiree, Ron Berry, who with a lot of imagination and skill has designed a fun and personalized version of one of the classic Volkswagen vans from the golden age of the hippie movement.

The Surf Seeker, which would be something like the wave seeker, is a totally different vehicle from what one expects from a van. And everything is thought out to the millimeter and nothing is random in this particular proposal, which could almost be considered a work of art rather than a motor vehicle.

Although it sports the Volkswagen logo and its retro aesthetic reminds us of the German brand’s classic campers, the only original parts it retains are a 1965 suspension, the steering system and the accelerator. Everything else is handcrafted and will not be found the same in any other vehicle.

Its domed silhouette is reminiscent of a surfboard or even a wave. The classic chrome trim that runs under the windows has widened and arched considerably, forcing the windows and even the roof to follow the same shape. As a result, each window differs from the next and gives it that casual touch like something out of a cartoon series.

The curious nose of the car is also very original, especially when seen completely from the front. The vehicle includes a host of creative resources made by the owner. For example, lighthouses are nothing more than salad bowls bought in a hypermarket.

The interior of the vehicle can be accessed in two ways. On the one hand, it is possible to do it through the typical side door. But the owner’s creativity has made it possible to also enter through the cabin, which is accessed through a groundbreaking front door that opens by remote control.

The interior is an incredible display of its owner’s love of surfing and custom caravanning. Everything is done with great care and professionalism. Every detail expresses the retro soul of a surfer, from the impeccable wood interior and cream-colored leather seats to various chrome elements.

The dashboard, steering wheel, gear shift and pedals look like they come from another era. Also the rear seats, where passengers can enjoy the landscape through the original windows. In terms of power, the Surf Seeker is powered by a 2.3-liter engine located in the rear and generating 209 HP. In the video that accompanies this article you will be able to learn more details about this unique collector’s piece, as well as see the fun van in motion and learn how it works.