In the last 12 months, Artificial Intelligence has infiltrated the daily lives of millions of organizations and companies: according to the latest analysis, there are already more than 60,000 scientific publications that have been published with clear symptoms of having been generated with AI. Traces of having used AI tools in court rulings have even appeared.

In many of these cases, however, the problem did not come from using Artificial Intelligence, but from using it in a non-responsible way, falling into the so-called overreliance or “overconfidence in AI”, which happens when we assume a result generated with AI as valid. without even reading it or applying a layer of human knowledge and intelligence on top of it.

On the other hand, an MIT study showed that when AI is used correctly, productivity skyrockets by 40%, and, even more importantly, the average quality of jobs that mix AI with human intelligence rises to 4.5/7, compared to to an average of 3.8/7 for those jobs done without the help of AI tools.

This context has led companies to begin looking for ways to ensure that these tools are used correctly, legally and ethically in their organizations, coining a term that until 2 years ago was reserved for the creators of the tools themselves: Responsible AI or “RAI”, for its acronym in English.

This is why Founderz Business School, Microsoft’s educational partner worldwide, in collaboration with Microsoft, has today presented the first training and certification program specifically designed to train companies and independent professionals in the responsible adoption of Artificial Intelligence in their business. organizations.

The program, available internationally and with teachers from the United States, the United Kingdom or Spain, among others, lasts 2 months. It is done entirely online and covers everything from ethical principles to the practical application of advanced technologies, with the aim of preparing future leaders to make informed and ethical decisions in the growing field of AI, ensuring that the technology is developed and applied so that it benefits everyone. Upon completion, the participant receives a certification for leadership and implementation of responsible AI policies in their organization.

“We believe that in the near future many companies will proudly display their RAI credentials, similar to how today they display seals of environmental policies or excellence in their workplaces. In fact, being able to say in 2024 that our organization promotes the Responsible use of AI is something very positive for both the company and its employees,” say Pau Garcia-Milà and Anna Cejudo, co-CEOs of Founderz.

The training program has entered the pre-registration phase today and will start online in monthly calls.