OpenAI’s ChatGPT Experiencing Global Outages

OpenAI’s AI chatbot, ChatGPT, is currently experiencing widespread outages across various platforms. Users have been reporting difficulties in receiving responses from the chatbot, with many encountering unresponsiveness after inputting prompts.

Reports from Downdetector, a platform for monitoring outages, indicate a significant increase in issues with OpenAI since 1PM on June 4. The majority of reported problems (81%) are related to ChatGPT, while 14% of users are facing challenges with the OpenAI website, and 5% are experiencing difficulties with the smartphone app.

During testing, the web version of ChatGPT appeared to be functioning correctly, providing instant responses for both free and Plus subscription users. However, the Android app exhibited delays in responding, and the iOS app displayed an “Internal Server Error” message after prolonged prompt processing.

This is not the first time that the AI chatbot has encountered such problems, as similar outages were reported last month. Approximately 90% of users experienced issues with ChatGPT, with error messages indicating server problems on the Android app. Both the iOS app and the web version also struggled to generate responses, showing a “Request Timeout” message after a period of time.