More and more cities are questioning their own urban model with the aim of improving it. After a time where the fact of being able to travel by car as quickly as possible has been prioritized, the world is realizing that mobility does not only pass through the car and that it is necessary to pay attention to many more elements to provide each space with the appropriate infrastructures.

London is the perfect example of a city dedicated to cars. The high population density forces the road to occupy a lot of space to avoid huge traffic jams, but perhaps if fewer people used the car they could reduce the space that asphalt occupies in the London city.

In order to get more and more people to abandon the car to switch to cycling or walking, it is necessary to offer comfortable and safe spaces, and this is the attempt that London is making with its reforms in some streets where the cobblestone replaces the asphalt.

In addition, it is used to naturalize the space and give that space that is taken away from the car to a side lane that can be used by pedestrians and cyclists. It is not about taking away options from the driver, it is about making life easier for the cyclist and with initiatives like this London should see more and more pedals and fewer motors.