Former Fed Kaplan Suggests September Move, Fed Maintains Patient Stance

Former Dallas Fed president, Robert Kaplan, recently hinted at a possible move by the Federal Reserve in September, despite the central bank maintaining a patient stance. Kaplan, who is currently the vice chairman at Goldman Sachs, made these remarks during an appearance on CNBC.

While Kaplan suggested that the Fed may not take any action at its upcoming June and July meetings, he also mentioned the possibility of hearing some hawkish rhetoric regarding the central bank’s patient approach. He emphasized the importance of the Fed maintaining flexibility in its decision-making process, especially in light of uncertain economic conditions.

In terms of inflation and fiscal spending, Kaplan noted that the Fed is closely monitoring these factors. He expressed a desire to see inflation improve moderately by September, while also acknowledging the impact of immigration on the labor market.

Looking ahead, Kaplan speculated that the Fed’s next move could potentially be a rate cut, rather than an increase. He suggested that the central bank may be slightly behind in its decision-making timeline but emphasized the importance of taking a risk management approach.

In conclusion, Kaplan highlighted the need for the Fed to strike a balance between a hawkish and dovish stance, keeping in mind the evolving economic landscape. While uncertainties remain, he expressed confidence in the Fed’s ability to navigate these challenges effectively.

Overall, Kaplan’s insights provide valuable perspectives on the Fed’s upcoming decisions and the factors influencing its monetary policy approach.

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Source: Forexlive