The Eriba Touring caravans continue to attract attention wherever they go. Their cute size and neo-retro style put them at the top of many couples’ wish lists, but camping at a campsite is recommended. Luckily, the Eriba Car is now available for those who want to feel the design and spirit of this brand in a house on wheels.

In this new recreational vehicle, the Erwin Hymer Group brand expresses its knowledge of modularity, practicality and use of space to create a large volume camper different from the rest. A detail, that of uniqueness, difficult to find in a market full of offers, of all sizes and prices, that follow the same line of interior design.

The Hymer group is well aware of the potential of its companies, which it has acquired over time and through very strategic mergers. As is the case with groups dedicated to the automotive industry, this German conglomerate manages to offer a very varied and innovative range of products, as is the example of this Eriba Car.

Many of you will have noticed the similarity with the Volkswagen Gran California 680, on the exterior, and that is that the Crafter is the van that they used to develop this large volume camper. For this reason, it has a 140 HP engine and its dashboard is identical to the vitaminized Bulli. However, Eriba’s commitment to colors and casual style give it a very different touch from that of the passenger car manufacturer.

Furthermore, the Eriba Car model presented during the CMT Stuttgart resolves some details in an ingenious and functional way, without losing sight of certain advantages offered by the platform on which it is designed. The body colors, for example, are clearly inspired by the California of yesteryear, but with the Eriba touch.

The first images of the Eriba caused a sensation among caravanning fans, many of them tired of the timeless and neutral tones of some brands. This large-volume camper, on the other hand, opts for color and quality materials in equal parts, creating a casual, but practical atmosphere.

In this way, leather and imitation wood, which are normally used for premium models, are boldly combined with the blue furniture. As a particular touch, the insulation of the windows, roof and rear doors add warmth and a feeling of privacy.

Regarding distribution, Eriba has not been excessively daring in its proposal. We find the same formula as many of its rivals, with a transverse bed in the rear of 136 x 200 cm, large enough for taller people. The bed base is made of disc springs and has a premium mattress that ensures a good rest. The Eriba touch is the small built-in drawers under this mattress, a solution that facilitates organization compared to large chests.

The kitchen complete with two burners, sink and 90-liter refrigerator is identical, but has a certain personality with the addition of color. In addition, Eriba has opted for modularity to maximize interior space, with solutions such as a hidden sink in the bathroom, which can be converted into a shower when necessary. The price of the Eriba Car model is 75,000 euros, lower than the same model from the manufacturer Volkswagen.