The second season of “Worst Roommate Ever,” which premiered on Netflix on June 26, has captivated viewers with its exploration of housing situations that have ended in tragedy. The docuseries delves into four chilling stories of deadly roommates, each ending in a horrific outcome.

One of the episodes focuses on Janie Ridd, whose 25-year friendship with her roommate in Salt Lake City took a dark turn. Ridd poisoned her roommate, who was a single mother to a son named Ryder, with antibiotic-resistant bacteria in an attempt to gain control over her life. The roommate fell ill, and Ridd manipulated the situation to become the beneficiary of a life insurance policy and gain custody of Ryder.

Ridd’s sinister plot was uncovered by authorities, leading to her conviction on charges of attempted intentional abuse and possession of a weapon of mass destruction. Despite serving just 25 months, she was released in January 2022, leaving many questions about her motives and the extent of her actions.

In another case, Scott Pettigrew, a former coworker of his elderly roommate Mimie Anita Cowen, turned violent, ultimately beating her to death in their shared home. Pettigrew’s manipulation and deceit led to a tragic end for Cowen, who trusted him as a roommate and friend. Pettigrew’s actions resulted in a life sentence for murder, elder abuse, and violating a protective order, highlighting the dangers of living with someone with malicious intent.

Tammy Fritz’s story is equally chilling, as she plotted to kill her roommate James “Bo” Bowden for financial gain. Fritz’s descent into drug addiction and criminal activities culminated in a heinous attempt on Bowden’s life, resulting in her conviction and a 48-year prison sentence. The betrayal and manipulation faced by Bowden serve as a stark reminder of the dangers of living with someone harboring dangerous intentions.

Lastly, Michael Dudley’s case sheds light on the dangers of living with a paranoid and violent roommate. Dudley’s tenants, Jessica Lewis and Austin Wenner, fell victim to his paranoia and aggression, ultimately leading to their tragic deaths. Dudley’s actions, driven by paranoia and violence, resulted in a 46-year prison sentence for two counts of second-degree murder.

These harrowing stories underscore the importance of caution and vigilance when selecting roommates and highlight the potential dangers that can lurk behind seemingly normal facades. The cases presented in “Worst Roommate Ever” serve as cautionary tales of the risks that can accompany shared living situations, urging viewers to be mindful of the warning signs and take steps to ensure their safety and well-being.