DC Healthcare’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) was a success as shareholders approved all resolutions, including the adoption of Audited Financial Statements for the year ended December 31, 2023. The AGM, held virtually on June 11, 2024, allowed shareholders to participate and cast their votes through Remote Participation and Voting facilities.

Dr. Chong Tze Sheng, Managing Director of DC Healthcare, expressed his gratitude to the shareholders for their continued support and trust. He highlighted the company’s commitment to transparency and robust corporate governance, paving the way for strategic initiatives aimed at enhancing service excellence and expanding market presence. The focus is on sustainable growth and delivering value to all stakeholders.

Moving forward, DC Healthcare plans to strengthen its position in the medical aesthetics sector by implementing focused business strategies. This includes expanding clinics across Southern and Northern Malaysia, recruiting skilled staff, and upgrading medical equipment with the latest technology to support growth and improve service quality. The Group remains optimistic about its future, leveraging competitive advantages for sustainable growth in the market.

For more information about DC Healthcare Holdings Berhad and its initiatives, visit their website at https://dchealthcareholdings.com/.

Overall, DC Healthcare’s AGM approval of all resolutions signifies a positive outlook for the Group’s future, with a strong focus on sustainable growth and value delivery to shareholders and stakeholders.