FILE PHOTO: Brazil's central bank Governor Roberto Campos Neto, speaks at the ReutersNEXT Newsmaker event in New York City, New York, U.S., November 9, 2023. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid/File Photo

Brazil Inflation Expectations Expected to Improve, According to Central Bank Chief

Brazil’s central bank chief, Roberto Campos Neto, expressed optimism about the stabilization and improvement of inflation expectations over time. This comes after concerns were raised about these expectations deviating from the official target.

At an event organized by the business group Lide in Sao Paulo, Campos Neto stated that various factors have been influencing inflation expectations, including uncertainties surrounding monetary and fiscal credibility. Private economists surveyed weekly by the central bank have adjusted their inflation expectations to 3.86% for this year, 3.75% for 2025, and 3.58% for 2026 – with the latter projection being revised upwards after 46 weeks of stability. It is important to note that the government’s official inflation target stands at 3%.

The recent decision by the central bank to cut rates by 25 basis points to 10.50% was met with some division among board members. However, Campos Neto emphasized that all members unanimously recognized the importance of addressing unanchored inflation expectations. He highlighted the need for effective communication to clarify that the division was technical in nature and that future decisions will be based on technical considerations.

One key issue that has emerged in discussions is the potential budget deindexation, which could positively impact inflation expectations. Campos Neto mentioned the challenges posed by mandatory public expenditures tied to distinct growth rules in Brazil, complicating efforts to control inflation.

Looking ahead, the central bank chief emphasized the importance of time in helping the public understand the technical nature of policymakers’ decisions. He also noted a small correlation between labor-intensive services and price increases, indicating a need for further understanding of this incipient trend.

In conclusion, despite the challenges posed by unanchored inflation expectations, Campos Neto remains optimistic about the potential for improvement over time. As policymakers continue to address these issues through technical decisions and effective communication, there is hope for a more stable economic outlook in Brazil.

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