Texans Urged to Replace Recalled Smoke Detectors Immediately

Summer in Texas can bring extreme heat and an increased risk of fires. With the dry conditions prevalent in the state, it’s crucial to be vigilant about fire safety. Recently, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a serious warning to Texans regarding a specific smoke detector product.

The CPSC has recalled over 6000 CHZHVAN combination smoke and carbon monoxide detectors due to reports of the product failing to operate correctly. While no injuries have been reported as a result of these faulty detectors, the potential risk in an emergency situation is significant. Texans who have purchased the CHZHVAN brand detectors with the product number JKD – 512 are advised to immediately dispose of them.

Purchased from retailers like Amazon and sold through a company named Hakouhudishangmaoyouxiangongsi, these defective detectors pose a serious safety hazard. The CPSC emphasizes the importance of replacing these recalled smoke detectors promptly to ensure the protection of your family and property.

As we strive to keep our homes and loved ones safe, it’s crucial to stay informed about product recalls and safety alerts. Taking proactive steps to replace faulty devices can make a significant difference in preventing potential disasters. Texans are urged to prioritize fire safety by heeding this recall and replacing their smoke detectors without delay. Stay safe, Texas.

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