The supermarket chain Aldi closed the month of April with the prices of all product categories 14% lower than the market average in Spain, according to the Circana panel of retailers.

Specifically, during the first quarter of the year Aldi lowered the price of more than 450 products in all its stores in Spain and offered permanent discounts of up to 50% in different product categories, as reported by the company in a press release.

Thanks to this, Aldi has provided a saving of 111.18 euros to its customers compared to the average market basket, according to the consulting firm’s data.

In recent months, the supermarket chain has intensified the periodic review of its prices and internal processes to apply improvements that benefit the end consumer, respecting the entire value chain and the agreements reached with its more than 400 national suppliers.

The company has also pointed out that this price containment is possible thanks to an offer based on own brand and national origin products. Specifically, nine out of ten products are developed under their original brands and eight out of ten are produced in Spain.

In this sense, Aldi has reinforced its offer of own brand, quality and affordable products in order to respond to the needs of a consumer who is “very concerned about price.”

According to a study carried out by the company and based on data from Kantar Worldpanel, a shopping basket with Aldi’s own brand products can mean annual savings of 696.62 euros for Spanish families.

Likewise, the consumer of 2024 already recognizes Aldi as one of the first two supermarket chains with the lowest prices in Spain, according to data provided by the consulting firm.