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3.8%. It is the figure that millions of pensioners expected and that will mark the increase in benefits in 2024. It will mitigate inflation and the more expensive cost of living, as long as it is managed well. Housing and saving tricks are a great help to avoid suffering more.

General rise. Good news for pensioners. Benefits will rise again in January to counter inflation. Yes, it is far from last year’s 8.5%, but this 2023 the advance in reference prices has been much smaller, 3.8%. The effect, canceling the price increase, is the same. With the rebound, the system’s average pension will be above 1,200 euros, but it will be higher for retirees and other categories: how much will be charged?

Uses and tricks. You will not change a retiree’s habits. Like the use of cash, preferred among the elderly despite digital advances and which has shown with the recent fall of payment systems that “always works”, as more than one defends. Of course, if the pension is not enough to make ends meet, the bills don’t matter there: you have to put in your hand and know how to prioritize or where to cut back. Or maneuver to pay less taxes, with benefits for those over 65.

Housing, the treasure. A great relief for retirees is that at least they do not usually have to bear a mortgage – and live pending the Euribor – or expensive rent. Even if they have more than one, they rent it out and complement the pension. In recent years, legal uncertainty has led to homes being withdrawn from the market. Now the Government wants to support the small owner, without so much emphasis on limiting income. The idea is to bring more apartments to a market that needs them. For now, the owners are being very careful: they are even removing ads from the internet to avoid defaulters and commissions.

The transfer. Born, grow, die… and leave an inheritance. When you reach the end of the road, you have to bequeath what you have achieved, something that has become the main way to become rich, beating entrepreneurship. The truth is that receiving the money is the first step. Then it’s time to manage and invest it. “To be more free, all Spaniards should invest in dividends,” says Juan E. Cort├ęs, known as the dividend crazy (Podcast). Anyone who sounds Chinese may be more interested in betting on artificial intelligence, the fashion sector.

You don’t have to give up Christmas and gifts. Even if you go with a tight belt, there is always low cost and second hand. Alternatives that do not stop growing. White label, discounts, offers… They help if you don’t fall into the trap of buying for the sake of buying.

If you take a plane these holidays, keep an eye on the baggage charge. Airlines leave less and less margin and force you to pay for hand luggage. Governments take measures and already fine them, as in Catalonia: “It is abusive and violates consumer rights.”