The BMW The German manufacturer has launched a new version, full of intermingled velvet and sequins, inspired by model Naomi Campbell.

The brand has opted for a combination of fabrics, a common principle in fashion, they explain. Different shades of ultramarine blue were used in the combinations of complementary materials: an intensely saturated velvet and a sequin-covered fabric of an icy metallic color.

The sequined fabric that covers the surface of the vehicle is the work of Swiss manufacturer Jakob Schlaepfer, a renowned supplier of fabrics to fashion houses such as Dior and Chanel, they note.

“It conveys a feeling of authentic luxury that enhances the general aesthetic through the combination of different textures,” summarizes BMW, which is very satisfied with the final result.

They recognize that it is not a vehicle that is designed for daily use, but for special moments, such as the celebration of the Cannes International Film Festival.

Despite the innovation and the combination of fabrics both on the exterior and interior, the German manufacturer assures that it has tried to be faithful to the original model, introducing as few changes as possible “to preserve the expressive particularities of the BMW XM.”

The customization is dedicated to the Naomi Campbell model, because they have a lot in common, they maintain: “Both stand out for their incredible ability to combine contrasts, effortlessly fusing strength with softness, sportiness with elegance. They don’t follow trends, they create them, convincingly expressing their unique personality.”