A video captured by the dashcam of a Tesla Model 3 with the Autopilot Full Self-Driving (FSD) system activated has sparked controversy on social networks. In the video, the driver narrowly avoids a collision with a train after realizing that the driver’s assistant did not detect the crossing or the moving train, forcing him to make a last-minute evasive maneuver.

The owner of the Tesla, known as ‘cdotyii’, shared his experience on a specialized forum. “I’ve had my Tesla for less than a year, and in the last six months, it has tried to head straight for a train twice while I had FSD mode on. The most recent incident occurred on May 8, 2024, and I have dashcam footage,” he explained.

This event has reignited the debate about the safety of the Autopilot FSD. On the Teslamotorsclub.com forum, users have been discussing the advantages and disadvantages of the system for years. Images of the recent incident quickly spread on social network X, generating mixed reactions.

The video shows the Tesla driving through dense fog towards a railway crossing, while a train approaches. The FSD system does not seem to detect either passing or signals, forcing the driver to intervene abruptly. The maneuver resulted in damage to the vehicle and minor injuries to the driver, who suffered “bruises to his right arm and back pain.”

The ‘cdotyii’ driver recalled that “this is the second time this has happened to him” in less than a year. On the forum, opinions are divided. Some blame the driver, stating that it is his responsibility to watch the vehicle, while others criticize the FSD’s inability to detect the railway crossing, “fog or no fog.”