You already know how the right business management software makes it easier to keep all the business documents and finances in order. What you may not have thought about is how the right software will also impress your clients and make it easier for them to get the most from their memberships. Here are five features that need to be included in the software you choose.

Scheduling Private Sessions

One of the services you offer is the opportunity to work one on one with a fitness instructor or consult with a diet specialist. These types of events require scheduling the sessions in advance. While your clients could call and make those appointments, think of how much easier it is to set them up online.

The right type of gym management and fitness studio software allows your clients to use unique login credentials and book private sessions with specific members of your team. They can quickly see what time slots are open, claim one, and even receive an email confirmation that the appointment is locked in.

Registering for Classes

You like to keep the aerobics classes of the yoga sessions to a limited number of people. That makes it possible for your team to offer a more personalized approach to each person attending. If your software allows members to register for those classes, it’s easy to see how many slots are still open. There will be no awkward moments the day of the first class when you find out that the staff accidentally overbooked and someone has to be asked to drop out.

Tracking Fitness Goals

People work out for a variety of reasons, but one of them is to get and stay in better shape. That means setting specific goals and tracking how well the client is doing. The ability for the client to log in, review the goals, and track progress is a wonderful motivational tool. Instead of becoming discouraged, the client can see how far he or she has come in the last month and start thinking about setting some new and more challenging goals.

Keeping the Payments Up to Date

Ideally, your software choice will make it easier for clients to know when it’s time to renew their memberships or when a payment is due. Software that allows them to log in and see if any payments are due shortly is great; the option to submit a payment while in the system is even better.

Receiving Information About Special Deals and Events

When you are hosting some special event and want to make sure your clients know about it, a software management system that can send out mass messages by text or email is a wonderful tool. Your clients are always kept up to date on what is going on and have the chance to register for those events if they like.

If you are getting by with software that is okay but seems to need new add-ons every couple of months, it’s time to make a change. Find out more about what Wellnessliving yoga studio software has to offer today. You will find that the wider range of features will make you and your clients a lot happier.

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