* The author is part of the community of readers of La Vanguardia

In this new edition of The Challenge of the Readers of La Vanguardia I am going to make you think a little. In this photograph that I have captured around the town of Altet, in Urgell, three types of birds of prey appear.

You have to look at the three that appear in the middle, which are the ones we are going to play with to see if you are able to solve this visual challenge.

In this photograph that I show you below, a red kite, a black kite and a short-toed eagle appear, but do you know which one of them is?

To make it clear which three birds we are playing with in this Visual Challenge, I have indicated in this image the three birds of prey that we are looking for.

I’m going to give you some clue so you can distinguish which is which. The red kite has a forked tail with a very marked ā€œVā€ shape. It is easily differentiated from the black kite, which is completely dark and has a less forked tail. Additionally, the black kite is smaller than the red kite. It has wide wings and is excellent in planing. Finally, the short-toed eagle has a white underside, a brown upper part, and black wingtips. Can you distinguish them now in the photograph?

In any case, I am going to show you the solution to this visual challenge with these three detailed photographs of each of the birds of prey that appear in the snapshot.