Agents of the National Police have arrested two men, aged 24 and 46, for drug trafficking from a drugstore in the center of the city of Alicante where a “large number” of buyers came who, “whatever they were looking for, they could find it.” find” at this retail outlet.

The investigation began following information that revealed the existence of a point of sale and distribution of different synthetic drugs from a home located in the city. Once the agents had all the information, they focused the investigation on two people who were allegedly engaged in the retail distribution of said substances.

After the surveillance and monitoring carried out, they have carried out a police operation in which they have arrested two men of Colombian and Cuban nationality, aged 24 and 46, respectively, as reported by the National Police in a statement.

In addition, they have carried out a search of the house from which, apparently, they were distributing the drugs, where different types of substances “as varied as they are novel” have been involved, such as mephedrone or crack, in addition to various quantities of ecstasy, methamphetamine, crystal , ketamine, 2CB, cocaine, a liter of GHB, two precision scales and 800 euros in divided bills.

Those arrested supplied these substances to a “large number” of buyers who, “whatever they were looking for, they could find it” at this retail outlet. With the operation carried out, the National Police has managed to eradicate an “important” medium-scale point of sale of narcotic substances that supplied the central area of ​​the city of Alicante.

The investigation has been carried out by agents from Group I of Narcotics Drugs of the Northern District Police Station of Alicante. After the two detained men were brought to judicial custody, the judge has ordered their immediate entry into prison.