This morning the Civil Guard located the two lifeless bodies that had been sought in Xixona since the discovery of cadaverous remains on April 27. At 9:40 a.m. today, the Citizen Security Unit of the Command (USECIC) of the Civil Guard of Alicante, displaced from Torrevieja, who have been taking turns with the rest of the Units involved in the search device, located In Partida el Espartal in the town of Xixona two lifeless bodies of a man and a woman, in an advanced state of decomposition.

All the evidence seems to confirm that the bodies found correspond to a 61-year-old man and a 48-year-old woman, of German nationality, residents of Mallorca, who had rented a vehicle on the island in the month of January, and whose disappearance was being investigated. by the Civil Guard since this vehicle was found in Xixona.

During the removal of the bodies in the presence of the Forensic Team, a shotgun was found, with obvious indications that the man committed suicide, the cause of the woman’s death being unclear due to the state of decomposition. They have been located approximately half a kilometer from where the vehicle rented by the woman in Mallorca was found. The bodies were found in a valley with difficult access and a steep profile, far from roads and paths. It is assumed that both arrived together and on foot to the place, and that it was in that setting that the events occurred, probably in the month of January.

However, confirmation of the identities, as well as the details of the causes of death, will not be known until the autopsy of the bodies is performed.

The Civil Guard began a complex search device that has been maintained since last April 27, when a woman’s arm was found by a dog while she was walking alone in Partida el Espartal de Xixona. This device, directed by the Organic Judicial Police Unit of the Alicante Civil Guard, and which has had the collaboration of the Organic Judicial Police Unit of the Balearic Civil Guard, has been made up of the Air Service, the Pegaso Team , several canine guides, Seprona, GEAS, and agents from the Citizen Security Units of the Command and Posts of the Territorial Company of San Vicente del Raspeig, equipped with official drones.

The investigative work carried out by the Team of Persons of the Organic Unit of the Judicial Police of the Alicante Command has been made difficult by the absence of any report of disappearance of any of the members of the German couple, which showed that they were in unknown whereabouts, nor did they provide any details that would allow us to find out what happened. On the other hand, the car rental company had not reported that the car had not been returned.