A man has been imprisoned after being arrested by the Civil Guard for two crimes of sexual assault under chemical submission committed with two men in the Malaga town of Nerja, whose trust he gained by inviting them to his house, where he offered them drinks. which had previously added a combination of narcotic substances.

This operation, called ‘Nerchen’, keeps the investigation open, since new victims are not ruled out, and was initiated after the complaint of two people who said they had been sexually assaulted in a home.

In both cases the author had contacted them through a person close to them and through social networks and, after making initial contact and gaining their trust, he invited them to his house, where he perpetrated the attack.

The victims stated that, after drinking a drink offered to them by the now detainee, they felt unwell, with nausea, dizziness and vomiting, entering a state of unconsciousness, so they had vague memories of the events and did not recover from this state. until the next day, when they managed to leave the house.

The author even hid his clothes, mobile phone and the keys to his own home from one of the victims, leaving him locked in the locked home.

After the attack, the victims went to medical centers and, in the tests carried out, they tested positive for various narcotic substances (MDMA, cannabis, methadone), without being consumers of them.

The author would have supplied a combination of narcotics that function as depressants of the central nervous system, with the purpose of nullifying the will of the victims and thus being able to carry out the sexual assaults without opposition.

After the perpetrator, a resident of the town of Nerja, was identified, he was located and detained and in the search of the home, objects identified by the victims, a dosing dripper and other material that tested positive for MDMA were found.