The Mossos d’Esquadra have arrested three men as alleged perpetrators of a robbery at a betting and recreational gaming establishment located in a shopping center in Abrera, in which they intimidated a worker with a semi-automatic pistol and from which they took 13,000 euros. .

As reported this Friday by the Generalitat Police, the arrests took place on May 16 in Martorell and the three detainees, who acted in a coordinated manner and each had a specific role, were 21 years old, two of them and 25 years old. third.

The investigation began on January 15, when two men entered the premises displaying a semi-automatic pistol with which they intimidated the worker who was inside at that time.

Before the robbery occurred, a third perpetrator approached the gambling establishment to observe whether there were people inside or not, and to inform the other two of the ideal time to carry out the robbery.

Taking advantage of the fact that the worker was alone, the two investigated, hiding their faces with disguise elements, entered the establishment and after intimidating the employee with the weapon, managed to steal around 13,000 euros and fled.

The images recorded by the shopping center’s security cameras revealed that an unidentified person, moments before the robbery was committed, parked a vehicle outside the shopping center, entered the interior of the establishment and later left with the same vehicle, which put the agents on the trail of the perpetrators.

On May 16, investigators carried out two entries and searches at two homes in Martorell with the result of three arrests and the discovery of relevant evidence for the investigation, such as mobile phones and clothing used to avoid being recognized in the assault.

Additionally, in one of the homes, a marijuana plantation of 525 plants was found in one room and 35 kilos of buds in another. The three detainees were brought to justice on May 17 before the Court of Instruction number 6 of Martorell.