Silvia Intxaurrondo, Rosa María Artal, Iñaki Gabilondo, Maruja Torres, Antón Losada, Rosa Villacastín, Magda Bandera… are some of the hundreds of journalists who have signed a manifesto in which they say “no” to the “judicial and media coup” after the letter from Pedro Sánchez regarding the attacks on his wife, Begoña Gómez.

The text points out that “the attack by the media and judicial extreme right against the wife of the President of the Government is a new attempt to subvert the popular will expressed at the polls through illicit means.”

You can read the full text of the manifesto and see the full list of signatories here Governments are elected at the polls. No to judicial and media coup

The manifesto denounces the campaign of “hoaxes, falsehoods and harassment against the members of the last two coalition governments and other progressive and independence forces, coordinated and financed by the political, media, business and judicial right”, which “attacks the very foundations of parliamentary democracy, and leaves the rule of law defenseless”.

The signatories invite civil society to join this manifesto and to mobilize on the networks and in the streets “against this anti-democratic outrage.” They remember that governments are chosen and changed at the polls and in Parliament. “No to the judicial and media coup. No to the mud machine,” the manifesto concludes.