A transcript of the recent episode of “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” on ABC News is provided below for readers to explore the discussions and insights shared by the guests.

Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina was interviewed about the recent Supreme Court decision overturning an executive order by President Trump to ban bump stocks. Scott expressed his trust in the Supreme Court’s decision and highlighted the increase in violent crime under President Biden’s administration, emphasizing the need for safer communities.

The conversation then shifted to President Trump’s visit to Capitol Hill, where he expressed his support for tariffs. Senator Scott highlighted the importance of fair trade and addressing issues at the southern border. He also discussed the economic policies put in place during the Trump administration that led to a strong economy.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen discussed a new initiative to use proceeds from seized Russian assets to fund Ukraine’s war effort. She clarified that the funds were frozen assets of Russia, and the decision was made in collaboration with global partners to support Ukraine.

Yellen also addressed concerns about inflation and the economic challenges faced by working-class families. She acknowledged the rising costs of everyday goods but emphasized that wages have also increased, providing some relief for American households.

Lastly, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, renowned journalists, reflected on their iconic book “All the President’s Men” and the impact it had on journalism. They discussed the importance of collaboration in reporting and the trust needed between reporters and sources. They also shared insights into their partnership and the significance of protecting sources of truth.

The discussions on the show highlighted key political, economic, and journalistic issues, providing viewers with valuable insights and perspectives from the guests. The diverse topics covered shed light on current events and historical moments that have shaped our society.