Miley Cyrus is “healthier and happier than ever” at this stage in her life with the release of her new album Endless Summer Vacation, a source told People magazine. And it is that this new record work has served to expose her world to all her feelings and thus close the problems that she had been dragging because of her marriage to actor Liam Hemsworth.

The singer has been in a relationship with Maxx Morando since the end of 2021, a drummer who has completely changed her life. The aforementioned magazine also states that he is a “great boy” with a “drama-free” personality and that he “has no interest in being a big celebrity”, being very discreet, qualities that Miley values ​​highly.

Maxx Morando is a young man of Peruvian descent born on November 16, 1998 in Los Angeles, the city where Cyrus currently lives after selling his ranch in Nashville. Morando studied at a music school to dedicate himself to what is his passion: rock. Shortly after, in 2015, his first band, The Regrettes, was born, where he was until 2018. Currently, he is part of Liily, a rock band where he takes the drumsticks.

But music is not the only passion of Miley Cyrus’s boyfriend, illustration and fashion are also important areas in his life, something that he boasts about on social networks. Although he doesn’t usually post much, Morando has nearly 29,000 followers on Instagram. His last post makes direct reference to Endless Summer Vacation, Cyrus’ new album, where he announces that he is part of the production of two of her songs, Handstand and Violet Chemistry.

“Miley can be herself. They support each other in their careers. Enjoy life and things are going great,” is how the Flowers singer’s relationship with her boyfriend is defined in People magazine. The couple, who grabbed all the spotlights by attending the Versace show together last week, met after the actress’s latest break with Liam Hemsworth in 2020. After a time of friendship, Cyrus and Morando decided to take a step forward and maintain a sentimental relationship, which lasts to date.

Miley Cyrus is tired of the criticism she can receive through her relationships, so in the latter she has decided to take all possible measures to keep her out of the spotlight. If it is true that they have been seen on several occasions, the singer and the drummer maintain a private personal life for the good of the couple and Cyrus’s mental health, which she was affected after the last separation from her.

The Party in the U.S.A. Thus, she manages to get out of the dark pit into which she had fallen as a result of her relationship and breakup with Liam Hemsworth. Undoubtedly, one of the causes of her recovery has been to show her feelings in her new songs. “She’s not trying to criticize Liam, but she feels like she has every right to own the narrative after everyone was tearing it apart after the breakup,” the same source told People magazine.

From Flowers, a hymn to self-love, to Muddy Feet, a song about disloyalty, the singer’s new songs make you think of her ex-husband. Something that would not have sat well with the actor of The Hunger Games. Sources close to Hemsworth’s environment say that the Australian would be in a position to sue Cyrus for defamation, after almost losing her role in The Witcher series following the publication of her new songs.

Miley and Liam met in 2009 during the recording of the movie The Last Song. Since then, the couple has been in the media spotlight. However, their relationship deteriorated over the years, breaking up on several occasions. After a sweet stage of reconciliation, the actor and singer got married in December 2018. Less than a year later they separated, and they divorced permanently in 2020.

“Everyone blamed her for the divorce and called her a wild child, but that wasn’t fair. Their relationship and marriage were toxic and she was heartbroken,” says a source close to Cyrus for the aforementioned magazine.