Two days ago, the family of Tina Turner announced that the singer had died at the age of 83 at her residence in Zurich, Switzerland, after a long time fighting an illness. Since then, her fans from all over the world mourn her loss.

Free, crazy, daring, strong… there are so many adjectives that could define Turner that a closed list of words would never do her justice. The Tennessee-born singer forever changed the music industry, as she set the pace for five different decades.

The artist with wild hair and a raw, immortal voice conquered her fellow professionals, music producers and fans. Tina Turner filled stadiums where millions of people crowded to see one of her electric shows full of energy, sensuality and her vocal quality.

Born Anna Mae Bullock on November 26, 1939 in Nutbush, a small town in the United States, the rock superstar has left an indelible legacy in music history that makes her a legend.

The artist retired from music when she turned 70 in 2009 and shortly after, in 2013, renounced her US citizenship and went to live in Switzerland, the country where she lived until she finally passed away on May 24.

Although her departure leaves a lot of orphaned fans of what was her great reference on our planet, the artist has also left a great fortune that she earned in her more than 54 years on stage.

Due to the long illness he was facing, Turner left everything tied up before he died and resolved the entire issue of his property issues so that his relatives would not fight later, according to various American media. The American she suffered in recent years two strokes, intestinal cancer and a kidney transplant, so she knew that the end could come at any time.

The singer is estimated to have a heritage of around 250 million dollars, although some media and sources think that it is a much higher amount. It should be noted that the artist recently sold her entire musical catalog to the BMG record company for $50 million, which would have considerably increased her figure.

Although the will has not yet been officially read, everything indicates that the beneficiaries of such a document will be her direct relatives: her husband and the two children she adopted from her ex, Ike Turner.

It should be noted that the singer had two biological children, Craig and Ronnie, who passed away in 2018 and 2022 respectively. The first committed suicide and the second died of colon cancer, tragedies that caused the singer great emotional distress.