Independent, strong and hardworking, this is how Sandra Golpe, one of the most successful journalists in our country, could be defined. She directs and presents Noticias 1 on Antena 3, the leading news program for more than five years.

The presenter has declared in an interview for the Diez Minutos medium that she feels very good about the good run her program is going through, but she has also recognized that it is the result of her great work: ”I am a journalist. I’ve been at Antena 3 for a few years, I joined on October 9, 2008, I’ve been through all the slots, the bosses saw that I had a global image of the news and they gave me the opportunity to make a team, which is wonderful”.

Sandra Golpe is one of the few communicators in our country who directs and presents her own newscast, also managing to lead her broadcast slot from Monday to Friday: ”This is discreet leadership, but here we are. And as far as I’m concerned, I’m proud to direct and present it, there are hardly any women who, in addition to reading the teleprompter, direct its newscast”.

Although he is a very grateful person and has said on more than one occasion that “mange doesn’t itch with pleasure”, Golpe has also taken advantage of this occasion to recognize that the pace of work is frantic and that he has to look after it a little more: ”This is wonderful work; you are at the bottom of the news and telling it as it happens. A privilege that takes its toll as well. I have to start taking care of myself a little more.”

But not everything has been talking about work. In said interview, Matías Prats’ partner has opened up and has revealed some secrets of her intimate life. The woman from Cádiz has recognized that she never wanted to be famous, which is why she has always tried to expose herself as little as possible: “I like to think more about prestige than fame. And starting with my son, he doesn’t like celebrity at all. Me, to protect my surroundings, I don’t talk about them either. Without a doubt, my family is what sustains me, and I am very familiar, it is the most beautiful thing in life”.

She has also made it clear that her 17-year-old son is the best thing in life, despite having to work many times and missing out on a wonderful part of growing up.

The woman from Cádiz spoke openly about one of the worst moments of her life, when she was the victim of sexual abuse: ”They sexually assaulted me when I left work at night and you have that mark forever. From sorrows you learn more than from victories. But that made me a lot stronger.”

”I would get home, do a night shift, not on Antena 3, I took the subway and there was a serial rapist hanging around. When I entered my portal, this gentleman snuck in. He grabbed me, threatened me with a knife, threw me to the ground, put me in the elevator, tied me up… and it was horrible. But here I am that I can tell you,” he explained openly in the interview, giving visibility to a sad reality that millions of women live in our country.